Strong Like Bull – John Martin

John Martin is easily the hardest worker in the room. Before working long shifts with his business Hubby for Hire, he comes into the gym at 6:30 am and puts in hard work here. Always jovial, encouraging, and excited to be here, even when ‘complaining’ about the WOD, John is … Read More

Why Walk Alone?

One of the greatest things about owning a gym is seeing our members make small, consistent changes over time that impact their quality of life in BIG ways! On the other hand, one of the toughest things about being a gym owner is seeing people make the decision to sacrifice … Read More

A Determined New You – Amanda Henke

Amanda Henke’s story is absolutely inspiring. As you will read in her interview, when she first started the New You Challenge her view of herself was minimal compared to how she views herself now. She has put in hard work since Day 1. While some days may not be easy, … Read More

Nothing Can Stop Her – Emily Reavill

Emily has been around for quite some time. we absolutely love having her and her husband Chris as a part of the CFIO community. At the time this is being written, Emily is due to give birth any day now. Throughout the entirety of her pregnancy, Emily has come to … Read More

Constantly Moving – Mercy Herrandon

Mercy is a valued member here at CFIO. She has participated in almost every program that we have offered (Guns, Buns, and Abs, Nutrition Challenges, Running Group, and most recently EMERGE Bootcamp). She is the life of the party and her attitude and demeanor are ALWAYS pleasant! Not only is … Read More

Goal Setter and Goal Getter – Lauren Vilar

Lauren Vilar has been around for about 6 months and the progress she has made in such a short time is phenomenal! Ever persistent, Lauren likes to run after class, even after hard workouts! We love that the goals she sets in the gym overflow into her personal life as well! … Read More

Strongest Mom in the Room! – Caitlin Rainwater

We love having Caitlin Rainwater in group CrossFit classes. She is easily one of the strongest members (male and female) that we have at CrossFit Inside Out! If a workout involves a barbell, you can count on Caitlin to absolutely crush it! Her strength is only surpassed by her outstanding … Read More

Extra Credit Queen – Sarah Wiggins

Sarah Wiggins started as one of our quietest members when she first joined. Now the true, outgoing Sarah has really emerged! We love having her in group CrossFit classes. One of the things that stands out with Sarah is that she ALWAYS stays after class to do extra credit work. … Read More

Train Right On Your Next Vacation!

By Coach Brian So you’re planning a vacation.  Yup, it’s that time of year.  Do some research, and if you can, hit up a box for a drop in(you can start here as a resource for great gyms). As CrossFitters, we love to drop into a box when on vacation.  … Read More

Lisa Sanders-Park: “Faith, Family, and Fitness”

Lisa joined CFIO after doing the New You Challenge with her daughter, Elise, in 2016. Early into the workout for Day 1 she realized that CrossFit was going to be a challenge, but in a very good way. As she states in her interview below, she used to be a competitive … Read More