When I lost #5610 But Gained A Whole LOT More

Back in 2013, I was as healthy and as strong as I thought I could be! I was working out with a buddy 4-5 days a week at the local 24-hour Globo gym! They had plenty of machines and a pretty cool massage chair…, but I was lacking something!  If it … Read More


Do you remember going to the doctor for a checkup when you were a child?  In the 1970s, those visits were kind of fun.  Height, weight, vision and hearing checks were standard.  There were some coordination assessments, and then my favorite was the knee jerk reflex test with that tiny … Read More

My First Pull-up

CFIO’s Guide to Your First Pull-up & Many More   How many times have you looked at a workout and thought, “But, I can’t do a pull-up!” Too many times to count I bet. Don’t worry though – you’re not alone. For many of our athlete’s pull-ups are the one … Read More

Reluctance Turned Relentless – Ashley Walton

Ashley Walton (and her husband Jeff) is an amazing person! She readily admits that she was reluctant to start CrossFit, but we are so glad that she did. One of my favorite conversations with the Waltons is how they actually found CrossFit Inside Out. When Jeff first made a No … Read More

Overcoming Adversity – Shelly Fullwood

Shelly has been around CFIO for longer than you may realize. She participated in our very first New You Challenge. After a few months off Shelly came back and did Personal Training with the goal of preparing for group CrossFit classes. Her progress from Day 1, way back when, is … Read More

World Traveler – Angelika Lacer

Angelika is such a special part of CrossFit Inside Out. She has truly embraced a new lifestyle that CrossFit provides.  Originally from Germany, Angelika is a world traveler and is no stranger to adventure. In fact, she is taking the next three months to travel India, Sri Lanka, and many … Read More

Becoming RX – Brenna Hardy

Brenna is relatively new to the Inside Out family, but she has been really crushing it lately!  When she started doing CrossFit, she started meeting with our Nutrition coach once a month to run measurements and tweak her nutrition habits. In just 4 short months, her entire body composition and … Read More

Overwhelming Happiness – Sheri Mason

Sheri has done it all at CFIO. She started with Personal Training. She then went straight into our Guns, Buns, and Abs program. She did our 28 Day Nutrition Challenge. Now she is enrolled in our Barbell Program. There is literally nothing Sheri can’t do!  Always eager to learn, Sheri … Read More

Bump. Set. Spike! – Ashley Brennan

Ashley has been around since almost the beginning of CFIO. She is tough, sweet, and one of our favorite people.  Ashley uses CrossFit as a training protocol to get better at recreational volleyball. Sometimes, she will leave straight from CrossFit to go compete in a volleyball match!  We love watching … Read More