When I lost #5610 But Gained A Whole LOT More

Back in 2013, I was as healthy and as strong as I thought I could be! I was working out with a buddy 4-5 days a week at the local 24-hour Globo gym! They had plenty of machines and a pretty cool massage chair…, but I was lacking something!  If it were not for my friend Jonathan, I would have stopped after the first month.

Honestly, we both got to the point where we just showed up for the hangout time.

I realized I was just a number; #5610 to be exact…. (can you imagine if we all would have shown up on any given day? Dang!) I was bored, lost, and frustrated with the lack of results! The trainers (God bless them) they tried…well, some did. They would just point at a machine and say, “Try this… we just got it.  Oh and be sure to wipe it down when you’re done.”

So I decided to change it up!

I joined a local CrossFit gym.

Jonathan wasn’t quite ready, but I was!

Here is what I gained in 2013:
🙌Goal Setting
🙌Personal Attention
🙌Nutritional Guidance
🙌A Sense of Belonging

🙌I was having FUN again!

Some of you may be wondering, “What happened to Jonathan?”  Don’t worry :), he jumped on the bandwagon a few months later, but that’s a story for a later time!

But most of you are curious to know what I lost through this process. Well, I lost my number!

Will you take the leap in 2019? What could you gain or lose by taking the leap this year?  Muscle?  Weight?

Click the link below to learn how you can stop being just a number and gain lasting real results in 2019!



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