Train Right On Your Next Vacation!

By Coach Brian

So you’re planning a vacation.  Yup, it’s that time of year.  Do some research, and if you can, hit up a box for a drop in(you can start here as a resource for great gyms). As CrossFitters, we love to drop into a box when on vacation.  However, sometimes while on vacation that just can’t happen.  Maybe you can make it to a local box once, but you want to workout more.  Perhaps you feel the drop-in fee is a bit pricy, or maybe the box is a bit too far from where you are staying.  Maybe you just can’t figure out how to plan enough time away from your family or friends while on vacation to get to the local box.  That’s OK.  We are here to help. 

If you know ahead of time that you are not going to get to drop in to a local box, or that you are only going to get to do so once or twice, try to do some quick planning and preparation before you leave.  Of course you are going to pack workout clothes.  Don’t forget your CF shoes, and if you have your own jump rope, pack it! 

If you are staying in a hotel, check out the website and see if they have a gym, and if so, take a peek at any pictures.  This will help with your planning.  Check out this example.  Rather typical.

Ugh you are thinking.  Well that looks like a bike.  What the heck is that machine?  Treadmills are on the side.  Is that a rack of dumbbells?

And now for some fun.  It may take a few minutes, but it is time to do some programming.  Plan out your exercise for the time you are on vacation.  Base your programming on what is available at the hotel gym and perhaps that jump rope.  Make a schedule and hold yourself accountable.  Maybe a family member, or a friend with whom you are vacationing can join you.  I always like to have a plan.  That way I don’t have to think too much on the spot.  Without a plan, sometimes I don’t follow through.  When I have a plan on paper, I usually do.

So how do you start? 

Think about our daily workouts.  Plan a warm up, a strength and a Metcon.  You will have to get creative, but that’s OK.  Have fun with it.  With what you see in the picture above, you can easily warm up on a treadmill or the bike.  With those dumbbells, plan a strength portion of your workout.  Dave Castro threw DB Snatches and DB Cleans at us recently, here is your chance to work on them further.  How about three sets of 5 each and climb in weight.  You can work some dumbbell Turkish Get Ups in for strength or even some DB push press or DB overhead waking lunges.  For the Metcon, you’ve got all sorts of options.  You can create an all body weight workout of Push ups, sit ups, air squats, etc.  If you have your jump rope with you, work it in.  You can even get those treadmills involved.    Got handstand push ups?  Wall walks?  Pistols?  Think back to some of your favorite (or non-favorite) workouts, and re-create them here.  Write it down and pack it with your workout clothes.  That way you can just grab it and go when it is time to workout.

For those of you who would like some concrete ideas for WODs, all you must do is Google “Vacation WOD”, and numerous websites will display that have dozens of ideas for workouts or you can just use ours- Travel WODs.

Here are two:



Burpees, Push ups, Sit ups.


1 mile run

100 Air Squats

½ mile run

50 Lunges

¼ mile run

25 Burpees

There are so many combinations that you will find.  Use them, or get creative and make your own.  Depending on your personality, you may also have to prepare for the unique looks you might get from others who are working out in the hotel gym.  They will likely be using the equipment in a traditional manner.  Embrace it.  Invite them to join you.  Perhaps you can tell them about the benefits of CF.  If not, put on your headphones, crank up your favorite music (80s love songs for me) and go after the workout that you have created!

Going on vacation with friends or family, or even by yourself is a great experience.  Take a little time to plan how you are going to exercise with some research.  Drop into a local box to “find your happy”, or do it at the hotel gym.  Pack your gear and get ready for some great workouts.   If it is through a box or on your own, either way, continue to move forward in your fitness while on vacation.

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