I Feel Strong Again – Taylor Thompson

Taylor is a wonderful person! She is always happy when she arrives and makes everyone feel welcomed.

With previous CrossFit experience, Taylor came in and did our Start-Up program with her sister and has since been crushing workouts consistently! You can read below how she took a few years off, but is now coming back stronger than ever. She is well on the way to becoming one of the strongest girls in the gym!

We asked her a few questions about why she continues to choose CFIO:

How has CrossFit Inside Out changed your lifestyle?

Since joining CFIO, I now love exercising again! Coming to CFIO is now the highlight of my day. I worked out and/or played sports my entire life until I graduated from graduate school. Once I started working full time, I slowly began skipping workouts until I eventually stopped working out completely. I made every excuse to not have to go to the gym. I paid for a gym membership for over a year and maybe went 20 times. My husband was actually the one who encouraged me to join a CrossFit gym again. I had worked out with a CrossFit gym in Greenville, NC when I was living there for graduate school. Though I really enjoyed my time there, due to my schedule, I was never 100% committed. I only went for 3 months until I eventually moved back to Wilmington. My husband knew that I was unhappy going to a conventional gym, and I was not happy with my lack of motivation. Since joining CFIO, I love working out! Going to the gym is now a priority, and I never thought I would feel that way about working out again until joining CFIO. I am extremely grateful to CFIO for that.

What was your first impression of CFIO?

Once I decided I was ready to join a CrossFit gym, I started researching all the local boxes. I was a little intimidated to join CrossFit again since it had been about 5 years since I had done a CrossFit workout. However, CFIO stood out to me once I researched the website. It just seemed like an inviting gym. My first visit to CFIO was my “No Sweat Intro” with Nick. I really felt comfortable from that first day and was excited to get started right away.

What’s been the biggest change you’ve seen since starting CrossFit Inside Out?

I feel strong again. I was always strong growing up when I was playing sports, but I felt that I lost that part of me for a few years. Since my first workout, I felt strong again, and this continues to grow with each workout.

What are you working on right now?

Pretty much everything! I want to continue to get stronger with every workout and lift. I am also working on stringing together toes to bar. I’m struggling with the rhythm, but it will come eventually.

What’s your favorite CFIO memory?

My favorite memory so far has been competing in the 2017 CFIO Summer Games! I was intimated to join a team since I had just recently joined CFIO. But Cameron and Will asked me to join theirs, and I’m so glad I did!

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