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We know how important it is for you to feel safe, informed and heard as you start your fitness journey. We also realize, everyone starts at different places in life with varying goals. Because of this, our approach to get you started is more personalized and quite bit different than most gyms. We take the time to meet with you, talk through your fitness goals, and map out a plan that sets you in the right direction from day one. Our Start-up program does just that, whether you plan to join group classes or continue with personal training, the start-up program creates a great opportunity for you to start seeing results while building a solid foundation.

With our Start-Up programyou will learn in a one-on-one setting with one of our expert coaches. Not only will you be coached through some great workouts, you will also learn how to move safely and effectively. Depending on what package you choose, we will create a personalized program that makes sense for both you and your goals.  After you go through Start-up you will then have the option to continue with one-on-one or move into group classes.

Start-Up Packages (30mins long) 1:1 setting * These sessions are 30 minutes in length and are built around your schedule and your coaches availability.



Required5 sessions over two weeks

Learn basic CrossFit movements



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Suggested20 sessions over two months

Two evaluation sessions

Oriented to YOUR specific fitness goals


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