Do you remember going to the doctor for a checkup when you were a child?  In the 1970s, those visits were kind of fun.  Height, weight, vision and hearing checks were standard.  There were some coordination assessments, and then my favorite was the knee jerk reflex test with that tiny triangular hammer.   These visits were enjoyable, and I never had any dread about going.

As an adult today, I stress over them.  It seems that every six months or so, I try to prepare myself for the visit and the “test” of being healthy that takes place.  Fasting, bloodwork, checking levels of cholesterol, PSAs, sodium, etc.  I have not seen that fun tiny triangular hammer in years.

Last week a friend died of a heart ailment at the age of 56.  She was a two-time Olympic gold medalist as a player, once as a coach, a member of the basketball Hall of Fame and the first woman to coach a WNBA team to a championship.  Suffice to say that Anne Donovan knew about being healthy.

                                                      What do you think being healthy means?

                                                              Do you practice being healthy?

At my doctor appointment last week, I was told that I am at a significant risk for a heart attack and stroke due to my high cholesterol, specifically my LDLs.  I love to workout, and the doctor knows that fitness is a passion of mine.  My weight is good, as is my body fat percentage and muscle mass.  However, had I not been exercising so vigorously, he was comfortable saying that things would be much worse.

My “test” revealed a weakness – Nutrition.  While I do not eat junk food, and I believe that I already eat well, eating smarter will now be a priority of mine.  How will I know what to do?  Healthy Steps Nutrition.  After consulting with the program guidelines that we have right here at the gym, I have a much better sense of what eating smart looks like.  I know that the exercise programming in our Bootcamp and CrossFit classes works, I see the physical results.  The missing component for me has been on the inside and giving my body the food it needs to support exercise, while at the same time avoiding foods high in cholesterol.

My next appointment is circled on my calendar, and I plan to attack my nutrition with the same vigor I do in our classes at the gym.  Following guidelines from our Healthy Steps Nutrition plan may not be easy at first, but there are few things more important than my health.  I will get inspiration from thinking about my friend Anne and from the awesome community of members that is Inside Out.

Are you ready to find out what being healthier means and to prove it at your next Dr. appointment?  If you are already a member of CrossFit or Emerge Bootcamp, keep up a regular routine in class and stay passionate about working out.  If you want to take things to the next level, ask us about our Healthy Steps Nutrition program.  Not yet a member, visit our website:, click the Start Here tab and let’s get healthier together.

See you at the gym that finds your happy.

Coach Brian and the Team

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