Lisa Sanders-Park: “Faith, Family, and Fitness”

Lisa joined CFIO after doing the New You Challenge with her daughter, Elise, in 2016. Early into the workout for Day 1 she realized that CrossFit was going to be a challenge, but in a very good way. As she states in her interview below, she used to be a competitive athlete and we knew that deep down inside she still has the same fire that drove her to compete years ago. I remember the look she gave me when I explained how to properly perform a burpee in the workout of Day 1. That same burpee that used to be a struggle 5 months ago is now a movement she performs as a warm-up!

After completing the New You Challenge, she jumped on board for group classes. Shortly thereafter her daughter Elise joined group classes and husband Brian started Personal Training.

Lisa is a wonderful example of a loving and devoted mother who balances work and family with the same hard work and dedication that she shows daily at the gym. We asked her a few questions about why she loves CFIO:

How has CrossFit Inside Out changed your lifestyle?

Where to begin?! I was an athlete growing up. I played softball competitively (catcher) and was on a team that went to a national tournament. I swam, did gymnastics, danced, played volleyball and more. When I hit my 20s, I traded all that to focus on my education, my company and ministry, writing, and my family. As a result, I have neglected my fitness for nearly 25 years! I did the New You Challenge in November 2016 and fell in in love with CF ad CFIO.

In January 2017, I started working out consistently. I went from avoiding activity to joyfully (happily! #thegymthatfindsyourhappy) working out 3-5 times a week, missing it when I don’t, and being part of a community that is inspiring me to take better care of myself that I ever had.

What was your first impression of CFIO?

Andrea! Sweet, authentic Andrea. From the start, I noticed the personal care and desire to know and grow with me as an individual.

Brandon (my coach for New You). Intense, uncompromising Brandon. From the start, he scaled everything so I could begin right where I was, and he pushed me to do more than I thought I could.

I also recall noticing how empty the box looked before a workout and how full-of-life, laughter, striving, camaraderie, and excellence it became once the WOD starts. CFIO comes to life when the community shows up. I think of CFIO as the “Cheers” of gyms. People know your name, welcome you when you arrive, and miss you when you don’t. It is truly special.

I also remember my first Saturday workout. When I realized that I could not do even the scale version of any of the movements and that it was done in pairs(!), I knew I was going to be the woman who came to ruin someone else’s workout.So, I snuck out to go on with my day. It was crowded, I’m short, and I planned to return for the Monday sunrise workout with my forgiving friends. As I started my car, Nick burst out the CFIO door with the most precious, pleading look on his face and convinced me that I would have a great workout, not ruin someone else’s, and that he really wanted me to stay. He left the flock to get me to come back in.

What’s been the biggest change you’ve seen since starting CrossFit Inside Out?

I love working out. I look forward to it, plan my day around it, and drive 45 minutes round trip to do it. I encourage others to consider CFIO and take better care of themselves. Also, I am getting stronger from the inside out. I have lost 10+ pounds and several inches, but I believe that I am about to see significant physical changes as my body gets used this.

What are you working on right now?

My overall goal is to make fitness a priority, and to build healthy habits that honor God, inspire my family, support my work/ministry, and result in a weight of 160 pounds by December 2018.

Right now, I am working on learning the movements, perfecting my form, being consistent about working out, and building workout and eating habits that are healthy and sustainable. One important goal is to work on endurance. Due to my weight and scar tissue at the top of my left lung, heavy breathing and endurance is difficult but I am learning to breathe well.

In early February, I met with Nick to set 3-month goals — lose 12.5 pounds (on track to lose 100 pounds in 2 years), do one proper burpee, do 20 single-unders unbroken (I couldn’t do 3!), run 200 meters unbroken, and hang from the bar for at least 5 seconds. I met my goals in less than 2 months so we are meeting again next week to set new goals.

What’s your favorite CFIO memory?

The 2017 CF Open! I am so glad Brandon encouraged me to do it. I was on a great team — Sour Snatch Kids lead by Steven Shonuff Branch. It brought out the competitor in me, pushed me way beyond what I thought possible, gave me a chance to learned from and cheer on lots of others, and inspired my family and friends. Seeing my name on the worldwide CF leaderboard was amazing, even though I was in the bottom 50%. I can’t wait til next year.

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