Goal Setter and Goal Getter – Lauren Vilar

Lauren Vilar has been around for about 6 months and the progress she has made in such a short time is phenomenal! Ever persistent, Lauren likes to run after class, even after hard workouts! We love that the goals she sets in the gym overflow into her personal life as well! The fact that she picks a specific movement each month to get better at is encouraging even to the coaches!

She always comes to class happy! She sometimes even brings her dog, Sasha, who hangs out outside to watch the workout.

We asked her a few questions about why she continues to choose CFIO:

How has CrossFit Inside Out changed your lifestyle?

I have always enjoyed setting goals and working toward them.  I got away from that after I ran a half marathon two years ago.  After completing the half, my workouts did not have a set performance standard and I wasn’t working toward anything.  CrossFit has helped me become focused on the importance of setting goals and accomplishing them. Even getting little wins of a good time on the MetCon or going up in weight helps me feel good about myself.  This overflowed into my personal life and I am once again setting goals continuously.  I even broke out my whiteboard calendar again where I write down my schedule and goals for the month.

What was your first impression of CFIO?

I liked that everyone was friendly and it was focused on community.  I need the accountability of community and classes to keep me coming back.  Nick was really nice when I sat down with him for the first time.  I had Alyssa and Brian watching/training during my foundations courses and got a ton of praise.  I remember doing box jumps in the foundations course and Nick, Brian and Alyssa were like, “Wow that was great!” REALLY loudly.  I laughed and thought, “I don’t think they’re that impressed by one person jumping on a box.  They must just be super nice and supportive!”  It still holds true, all the coaches are really nice and supportive!

What’s been the biggest change you’ve seen since starting CrossFit Inside Out?

It is only within the past month that I really feel like I have an idea of what I’m doing and am seeing some gains in my weights and times.  I hate lifting weights, I think I always will.  It is a necessary evil.  Because of this I have avoided lifting heavy weights until CrossFit.  At the very beginning, there were times when I wanted to cry out of frustration because I had no idea what this new odd language on the whiteboard was and did not know what lift we were doing (even though it was reviewed ten times in the warm up).

I am seeing the biggest change in my arm muscles; they are definitely growing which is neat!  I have noticed that everyday tasks are easier.  I was at buying some soil the other day and the store and slung a heavy bag of soil over my shoulder.  I expected it to be heavier as it had in the past but it went over my shoulder so easy and light!  I also went skiing and my thighs stayed strong and steady the whole day.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on preparing for Murph.  I have never done it before but everyone says it is an excruciating workout.  I am trying to train by running when my thighs are fatigued, doing extra pushups during the day, and practicing a scaled half Murph on my own.  At the beginning of the month, I’m focusing on improving on a skill that I’m not good at.  For example, April was wall ball shots and I think I actually convinced myself wall ball shots do not equal death.  I would also really love to begin to RX some workouts.

What’s your favorite CFIO memory?

The CrossFit Open and Friday Night Lights were definitely a great time.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  Brandon one day said, “Just sign up it’ll be fun!”  I loved getting to meet new people, cheer on others, and hang out afterward.  I remember judging a newer member that had recently finished the New You Challenge and was doing an Open workout as her first “regular” workout.  She told me she had never done a pull up before and she blew my mind when she busted out her first pull up in the open!  She actually did several!  Also, on during one of the Open workouts I remember my judge was so encouraging and would count down from three every time I took a break.  On one she expected me to pick that weight back up and keep going.  If it wasn’t for Morgan holding me accountable and giving me words of encouragement, I don’t think I would have completed the workout in the time cap.

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