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We love client stories because it gives our members an opportunity to share how they feel about the service that we offer. Julia’s story is so fun to read because she has seen so much improvement physically and mentally since starting at CFIO.

A newcomer to the Wilmington area, Julia was itching to get into a new routine and solidify workout habits early on. She has history with CrossFit when she lived in Raleigh and I’m so glad she has had such a great experience here at CFIO. She puts in work and is a 5:30 pm regular! She even stays after class to do “homework” on areas she would like to see more progress. We hope she hits her goal of her first pull-up by the end of the year!

We asked her a few questions about why she continues to choose CFIO:

How has CrossFit Inside Out changed your lifestyle?

I moved to Wilmington back in June 2017 to start my first big girl job after graduating from NC State! The first thing I did when I moved here was look for a CrossFit gym to join because I wanted to immediately get into a routine as soon as I started my job. I am really glad I did that, because I am now in the habit of leaving work every day at 5 to make sure I make it to the 5:30 class. I can honestly say that I look forward to coming to the gym after work. It is seriously the highlight of my day! I used to treat the gym like a chore, but now I cannot wait to get in my workout with the 5:30 crew! CFIO has literally given me a home away from home.

What was your first impression of CFIO?

My first impression of CFIO….Is exactly what everyone says every week: Everyone was super nice and inviting and supportive. But it’s true. That’s why we keep saying it. I immediately felt welcomed by the coaches and I knew immediately that I was in good hands! And the people in my class were very encouraging during my first workout, which was much needed!

What’s been the biggest change you’ve seen since starting CrossFit Inside Out?

I feel stronger mentally and physically “inside and out”! I have finally learned how to push myself and to embrace the uncomfortable. For a while I wasn’t pushing myself in workouts as hard as I could, and when I started to feel slightly uncomfortable I would immediately step on the brakes and take it easy. I have finally gotten past that mental block that kept me from giving it my all in workouts and I am seeing the results that come with it! I love leaving the gym feeling accomplished and like I gave it my all, instead of just going through the motions checking the workout off my to-do list.

What are you working on right now?

At the beginning of 2017, I made a “CrossFit goal” to be able to do pull-ups by the end of the year. Well, I recently realized the end of the year is sneaking up on me, so I’ve been doing a lot of ring rows after class to work on my lat strength! Hopefully I’ll get there!

I am also working on my nutrition. After talking to a few people at the gym, I decided to give meal prepping a try, and I’ve been doing it for 3 months now! I just need to learn to not go overboard on the weekends…

What’s your favorite CFIO memory?

Competing in the CFIO Summer Games was such a fun experience! I had only been at the gym for about 3 months, so when Becca and Tanner asked me to join their team I was super excited. I especially enjoyed the outdoor workouts on Saturday, because it was a change of pace for us and it was such a beautiful day! Since it was away from the gym, it was the first time that I felt like a part of the larger Wilmington community since moving here.

Also, I brought my boyfriend to watch that day and the first thing he said when we got in the car was that he wanted to do that too! My plan to convert him from a powerlifter to a CrossFitter is working! ☺

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  1. Hi, My name is Lisa Fretti. I will be coming to Wilmington on 11/06/17 to start a travel nursing assignment. I have found a cross fit box with each new assignment. I’m excited to meet all of you and transition my workouts with Inside and Out. I work M-F 9-5. I was wondering if their would be a time that I could schedule a no sweat intro. I looked at the available time’s listed. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s realistic with my work schedule, to plan in making one of them. I was wondering if you ever do Saturday’s. If you have any suggestions for me, I would appreciate it! Thank you Lisa

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