How Do YOU Plan your week at the Gym

It’s Sunday afternoon and you are enjoying a day at home with a good book, or a day at the beach, or spending time with family or friends. Most of us have few thoughts about working out on Sunday, especially since #thegymthatfindsyourhappy is not open.

Then, it happens………..

Somewhere around 8:00 PM I know that I can check Wodify to see the posted workout for Monday. What is it? There it is! Should I go? Hmmmm, not sure I like that workout. Ugh..Clean and Jerk! Yes…we’re Snatching. Holy cow, a 20 min. Metcon!%&#$ – No Way. Holy cow, a 20 min. Metcon!%&#$ – I Love It! But if I go on Monday, I will be sore for Tuesday, and I might like Wednesday’s workout. What am I going to do this week? The Clash (yes, an 80s rock band reference) asks appropriately – Should I stay or Should I go?



Does any of this sound familiar? Maybe a little bit? What does your workout week look like? What should it look like? If you were to follow the program on, the prescribed formula is a three day on / one day off routine. This allows for the athlete to get a day of rest for muscles to recover and tissue to grow following training. We can all recognize that what we do at the gym is effective because of the high intensity strength training and metabolic conditioning workouts we complete. We can’t sustain that kind of high intensity every day, or our bodies will end up breaking down. A three day on / one day off allows for a recovery day. What’s your formula? Do you have one? If not, it’s time to start planning. Figure out what works best for you and put that plan into action. It is so much more efficient to have a plan for the week than to wonder day to day if you are going to the gym that day base on if you “like” the workout. Our workouts are constantly varied, so it is OK if you have a “regular” weekly schedule.


Wodify is a fantastic data collection tool. Please remember to use if for just that, and not allow it to affect your plan for the week. I have been a victim of programming a few times, and in the end, it never paid off. Generally, I plan to workout Mon., Tues., Wed. followed by Thurs. off. I then workout on Fri. and Sat. with Sunday off. But sometimes I peek at the Thursday workout…….and BAM, I love it. Have to go. Going to crush it and since I love going to the gym so much and being with our community, that’s it, I’m going. Yup – silly! Bet you have been there too. We have a great community, and we love working out with our friends. But this can lead to over working our body and getting hurt or injured (like me). Pick a plan for the week and stick to it. Don’t let the allure of the workout impact your schedule or plan. But if it does, you can plan to work at 75%-80% of capacity. Don’t go all out and leave your ego at the door.

So what should your off days or recovery days look like?

No! Probably not killing the cake…

Some people like to take the day completely off. That works. Some like to use the day for recovery through mobility. That works too. Listen to your body. For sure, you do not want to do something with high intensity on an off day or recovery day. Give your foam roller a workout. Don’t have one. Get one. Get a lacrosse ball and work out some tight spots. Treat yourself to a massage, or even go to a yoga class. Whatever you choose, use it for restorative purposes, not strength training or high intensity conditioning purposes.

Whether you are new to CrossFit, or a seasoned veteran, the best piece of advice to give is to monitor your body and adjust to what it is telling you. Some days are more intense than others. Maybe you need an extra day off for recovery purposes. It is OK to not go to the gym for a day or Oh My – two days in a row. Take care of yourself. You only get one body. Sometimes you can do more damage than good by pushing yourself just to get to the gym so others know you showed up. Allowing your body to rest and recover will help you get bigger, stronger and faster down the road. Remember…..CrossFit is your path to a healthy lifestyle, and life is a marathon, not a sprint. Workout with intensity and recover smartly.

See you at #thegymthatfindsyourhappy

Coach Brian

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