Classes designed for 55+

Our CrossFit Legends classes happen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30-11:30 AM. To begin, an athlete spends three to five sessions one-on-one with a coach to learn movements and address any mobility issues or other concerns. A bit of stiffness or an old injury are common at this age, and we can work around them as we learn about the athlete. These one-one sessions ensure you are safe, informed, and ready to enter the group.

When necessary, we work with athletes’ health-care providers to ensure all activity is safe and reasonable. We’ve found doctors are ecstatic that their patients want to be more active, which helps them improve quality of live and positively affect health markers including blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. If your doctor has made recommendations about your activities, please let us know. We always defer to your care provider and work closely with doctors, physiotherapists and athletic trainers to ensure you’re getting all the attention you need.

We are happy to talk with you more about our program! Contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Our Philosophy

  • We use general CrossFit programming principles, but we modify things a great deal.
  • We don’t do have singles. Strength work happens in 3’s and 5’s at most, with a huge focus on time under tension, and we always stay well short of absolute limits. Proper form is even more important now, ad mobility is a big concern. We spend a great deal of time on mobility and warm-ups, which can include some core work.
  • We generally don’t go overhead. Not that we wouldn’t, but our group is limited in that area.
  • Smaller dumbbells and lighters kettlebells and med balls are a must. Barbell work, of course, but dumbbells can sometimes be used to work around mobility issues.
  • We give our athletes basic nutrition advice. Most of them already have it from their doctors: eat less sugar.
  • We give small doses of conditioning while monitoring the intensity. We treat our legends like they are athletes, but we don’t push them into the red zone. We simply raise the heart rate and get them working with relative intensity.
  • We try to focus on movements that will improve quality of life: squats, deadlifts, carrying objects, pushing things. All stuff they will need to do in real life.
  • We tend to stay away from olympic lifts. They have value, but we have found life Russian kettlebell swings are much more accessible and get the hips opening without a lot of impact.
  • We have FUN! We socialize! We train!

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