Before I joined CFIO about eight years ago, I was a typical big name brand gym member. I lacked the discipline and knowledge of fitness and health. And I always felt uncomfortable around the other muscle men standing in front of the mirror. I retreated to the treadmill for about 20 minutes and then worked through the strength machines. Year after year, I made zero gains and slowly gained weight.

But that all changed when my friend and founder, Nick Willi, invited me to join his box. Over the next several months, I discovered my love for fitness and CrossFit. I grew stronger, fitter, and more confident in life. My blood sugar levels stabilized, and my overall health improved. What made the difference? Coach-led classes: I learned new skills and received constant encouragement. Accountability: Signing up for a class daily and knowing my coaches and friends motivated me to form great habits. Community: High fives and friendships greatly impacted my love for CrossFit. WOD: (Work Out of the Day) One of the benefits of CrossFit is knowing the workouts are planned and ready. I didn’t have to figure anything out. All I had to do was show up and push myself. Variety: CrossFit never gets boring! Constantly varied, strength-building and high-intensity conditioning is the CrossFit magic to health and fitness. In May of 2022, I purchased CrossFit Inside Out after the founders moved to Charlotte, NC. I am excited to lead our box, meet new friends and help more people discover the love of fitness, just as I have.

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