Eating to Lose Fat

Eating to Lose Fat By Alyssa Graham We all know that when it comes to losing weight, we can think in terms of calories in versus calories out. When we expend more calories in a day than we put into our bodies, that results in a calorie deficit. Reduction of … Read More

Taking Action

One of my passions is to see other small business owners succeed. At CFIO we have some great people who own great businesses. Every month I love sharing business tips that I’ve learned and applied in my own business. Don’t worry I’ll only share the one’s that have made a … Read More

Exercise, Aging, and Cognitive Function

*Above Picture is athletes preforming a “Brain WOD” of  tic-tac-toe with our exercise balls! How Is Exercise Beneficial In Improving Cognitive Function? By Coach Brandon Dobson For the past 5 years, when my family travels home for Christmas, we make our rounds to visit our parents, grandparents, siblings, and cousins. … Read More

Hooked or Habit?

Hooked or Habit? My CrossFit journey started like most.  After having four children in an eight year time period my body, my hormones, and energy level were to put it nicely “Out of whack”.  I realized that I needed to take my life back. Ha!Ha!  I was introduced to CrossFit … Read More

The Gym That Finds Your Happy

What if I asked you this question: “Does your gym make you happy?” Let’s take it deeper. Does your gym help you find that “happy” in different ways? We’ve probably all been there. We loved the newest fitness trend for awhile and then BOOM! We get bored and burnt out. … Read More

Sore? Eat These Foods

Hi CrossFit Inside Out family! I know we’re all familiar with the feeling of soreness, especially after a grueling workout like Murph! There are times I feel too sore to get out of bed or lower myself onto the toilet seat, much less work out again! One way to prevent … Read More

The Reality of Living with a CrossFitting Wife

 3 Ways CrossFit has changed my wife’s life (from my perspective) After 4 children and before CrossFit, I watched my wife struggle with who she was as a woman, mother, and a wife.  One way she struggled was with the way her body looked. We all see it – the … Read More

Making Things Better

We all have experienced walking into a restaurant, a store, a business or somewhere else only to see the “just enough “ syndrome. We leave there thinking if they would just do this, just provide that or just do this better what a difference that would make. We all leave … Read More