Paige: Earn Your Shirt

When Paige first started CrossFit, she told us that she wanted to wait 3 months before buying a t-shirt. She wanted to earn it. Over the past 3 months, Paige has surpassed milestone after milestone and accomplished way more than she originally thought possible before starting CrossFit. Her bubbly personality and … Read More

Lauren: You Can’t Cheat the Grind

If you’ve never met Lauren Linett at CFIO, you’ve probably at least heard her in your class. Straight-forward, energetic, and goal-oriented are three words that embody Lauren’s personality and work ethic. At the beginning of July 2016, Lauren started doing one-on-one personal training with Coach Brandon, and in a matter … Read More

Molly: A Story from the New You Challenge!

I met Molly for the first time when she came in to CFIO to start our 6 week all ladies New You Challenge. She came in wanting to make a change, I knew from the start of the interview I wanted her to be a part of the challenge because … Read More

Jojo Da Harley-Ryder: Down Over 30lbs

*Picture above is when Joe had only been with us for about a month. Joe is probably the nicest guy you will meet at CrossFit Inside Out. Always a team player, Joe is dedicated to put in the hard work every time he steps in the door. Joe is a … Read More

Tricia: The Determined Mother of Three Part Two

Tricia is back 🙂  Everyone who participated in the Guns, Buns, and Abs saw amazing results. One of our athletes in particular, Tricia Downey, brought in her results and we were floored with her progress she lost 6% body fat in just a few short weeks. She put in the … Read More

Casey: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

  Casey is an awesome dude and his story will amaze you. He has turned some bad situations into an astounding testimony! What first brought you to CrossFit Inside Out? At age 30 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. I was able to fight the cancer with extreme chemotherapy … Read More

Bianca: The #FirstRule Queen

Bianca’s Story           Bianca and Casey Hartman are one of the coolest couples you will meet at CFIO and their stories are amazing. Check out Bianca’s story here and Casey’s below. I wish I could provide you with the full effect of Bianca’s emojis, but they … Read More

Dana: Training Fitness and Mindsets

  This is Dana crushing CF Games Open workout 16.4 while bringing spirit points to her teammates for dressing up:) #fridaynightlights   What first brought you to CrossFit Inside Out? I moved to North Carolina in September of 2013 to have my dream of living on the beach.  I was … Read More

Tricia: The Determined Mother of Three

 What first brought you to CrossFit Inside Out? Jon had been a member for maybe a year.  He kept encouraging me to try it out.  He thought I would like it better than my old box.  I had my third child in September 2015 and was eager to get back. … Read More