Legendary – Mike Rosene

Mike Rosene is no stranger to CrossFit Inside Out. His wife Julie has been here for quite sometime in group classes, Personal Training, Guns, Buns and Abs, Emerge Bootcamp, and several other programs. A couple of years ago, we initiated a Couch 2 CrossFit program and Mike was quick to sign … Read More

#Determination – Candice Kowalewski

Candice has been around the CFIO family for quite some time. Candice is a licensed massage therapist and helps our members and coaches relieve sore muscles from time to time. When she first came she was in the beginning stages of her pregnancy and wanted to join after she was … Read More

Inside Out Kid’s Athlete of the Month: Jack Stack

Jack is in our Strength and Conditioning program here at CFIO. This is his second straight enrollment in Strength and Conditioning, but that decision didn’t come lightly. You see, after our very first program Jack informed me that he wasn’t sure he if would be doing the next one. Of … Read More

A New You, A New Life – Ramona Roman

Ramona has heart. Her transformation here at CFIO is absolutely awe-inspiring. We cannot take the credit for the things that she has changed in her lifestyle to become the best version of herself. Her hard-work, dedication, and determination to make overall wellness the biggest priority in life are what have … Read More

Daily Wins – Toni Wilkins

Toni is an absolute inspiration. I remember when she first started with us and then see her progress thus far and couldn’t be prouder! Her story is inspirational and the fact that she has become so consistent in coming to the gym to improve, not just her fitness, but her … Read More

Tackling Weaknesses – Ryan McWey

When Ryan first joined CFIO, he had a great headstart. He was very active, in great shape, and appeared super fit. On his first day of Start-Up he realized that CrossFit would expose all of his weaknesses. Thankfully, Ryan has fully embraced that and has come so far in his … Read More

Small Yet Mighty – Becca Jenkins

Becca is straight up awesome! Since she first joined group CrossFit classes following the New You Challenge, she has been so open to coaching cues and down right motivated in every workout. She chooses consistently to work on her form day in and day out and, as a result, her … Read More

Constantly Smiling – Heather Lee

Heather started CFIO through our Personal Training Start-Up Program with Coach Brian. You’ll notice in her answers below that one of the things that she is currently working on is getting stronger. However, Heather is SUPER strong beyond what she realizes. Consistent in her workouts, always on time, and a … Read More

Strong Like Bull – John Martin

John Martin is easily the hardest worker in the room. Before working long shifts with his business Hubby for Hire, he comes into the gym at 6:30 am and puts in hard work here. Always jovial, encouraging, and excited to be here, even when ‘complaining’ about the WOD, John is … Read More

A Determined New You – Amanda Henke

Amanda Henke’s story is absolutely inspiring. As you will read in her interview, when she first started the New You Challenge her view of herself was minimal compared to how she views herself now. She has put in hard work since Day 1. While some days may not be easy, … Read More