Becoming RX – Brenna Hardy

Brenna is relatively new to the Inside Out family, but she has been really crushing it lately! 

When she started doing CrossFit, she started meeting with our Nutrition coach once a month to run measurements and tweak her nutrition habits. In just 4 short months, her entire body composition and fitness level are completely different since she focused 100% on nutrition and working out. We cannot be prouder!

We asked her a few questions about why she continues to choose CFIO:

How has CrossFit Inside Out changed your lifestyle?

CrossFit Inside Out has created a space that allows me to pursue practices that support a healthy mind and body. The transition from Raleigh to Wilmington for school last year shifted my priorities. Unfortunately, physical fitness and nutrition took a back burner to other aspects of life. With coaches that enforce consistency and a community that is welcoming, CrossFit Inside Out has become an outlet to prioritize fitness, while learning to find a sustainable life balance. 

What was your first impression of CFIO?

After going through the Start-Up program with Coach Taylor and Coach Brian I was extremely excited to work my way into classes. There was definitely an intimidation factor at first, but I quickly felt a warm welcome from all the members and coaches. The intensity, accountability, and humor that is brought to every workout are refreshing and something I look forward to!

What’s been the biggest change you’ve seen since starting CrossFit Inside Out?

Aside from tangible improvements throughout workouts, I’ve seen the greatest change in my mentality. I have noticed that I am more confident in day to day life, and am less concerned with reaching unattainable self-expectations. I have also embraced failure as an opportunity to grow and readdress a situation, both in and out of the gym. This mindset has improved my mental health and fitness performance immensely.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently trying to test the limits of my physical fitness. Now that I have a few skills under my belt I want to start pushing the pace and weight in classes; all while staying consistent with good practices. Maintaining good nutrition is a top priority as well!

What’s your favorite CFIO memory?

My favorite CFIO memory is the first workout I completed with my roommate McKenzie. It was a partner workout that we got to complete together (I remember a lot of rowing, lunges, and kettlebell swings), both struggling and smiling the whole way. Now we look forward to 8 pm every night when we can discuss and or mentally prepare for the newly posted workout. 

@brhardy at the end of today’s WOD. Check out those cleans! #thegymthatfindsyourhappy

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  1. Thank you CrossFit Inside Out for inspiring Brenna to meet her potential in mind, body, and spirit! (Brenna’s mom) Shannon

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