Train Right On Your Next Vacation!

By Coach Brian So you’re planning a vacation.  Yup, it’s that time of year.  Do some research, and if you can, hit up a box for a drop in(you can start here as a resource for great gyms). As CrossFitters, we love to drop into a box when on vacation.  … Read More

Lisa Sanders-Park: “Faith, Family, and Fitness”

Lisa joined CFIO after doing the New You Challenge with her daughter, Elise, in 2016. Early into the workout for Day 1 she realized that CrossFit was going to be a challenge, but in a very good way. As she states in her interview below, she used to be a competitive … Read More

Amy Ray: “Wait, Where Did These Muscles Come From”

Amy Ray recently joined before the start of the 2017 CrossFit Open. While she may be a “new” member, she is not stranger to our community. Amy’s husband, Charles (check out his story), has been a member for quite some time and Amy finally joined a few months ago. As … Read More

Brenda Holland: “I Love This Box!”

Brenda Holland embodies consistency. If one of our coaches is scheduled for the 4:30 pm class (with the exception of the occasional noon class), they know they will more than likely have Brenda in that class. She is an absolute joy to coach too! Attentive to detail, witty, and driven to succeed, … Read More

How Do YOU Plan your week at the Gym

It’s Sunday afternoon and you are enjoying a day at home with a good book, or a day at the beach, or spending time with family or friends. Most of us have few thoughts about working out on Sunday, especially since #thegymthatfindsyourhappy is not open. Then, it happens……….. Somewhere around … Read More

Driven for Success – Matt Costin

Matt is an awesome guy. Since CrossFit Inside Out wasn’t his first introduction to CrossFit, he came in with a solid foundation into functional movement. While he is still working on some mobility issues, it never stops him from working towards the top of the leaderboard everyday. A realtor by … Read More

Whoa, Jack! Crushing WODs Day In and Day Out- Megan Wojciak

Megan has been around CFIO for some time now. Any workout that contains deadlifts or rowing we already know she will hit towards the top of the leaderboard. Since 2012 she has lost 60 pounds, but since joining CFIO her goals have shifted to being strong! She is legitimately one … Read More

Training Abs And Shrinking Mid-lines!

CrossFit Inside Out’s Guide To Training Abs And Shrinking Mid-lines!   Beach season is on the horizon so it’s almost time to pull out those bathing suits! And since we live at the beach we have plenty of opportunities to hit the beach, take the boat out, or lay out … Read More

Runners: Want to spend less time on your feet?

CrossFit Endurance: A New Way Up to the Mountain Top By: Alyssa Graham   Some of you may be aware that I have been training for my first half marathon that will take place at the end of this month. Recently, Nick surprised me with a book written by CrossFit … Read More