Reluctance Turned Relentless – Ashley Walton

Ashley Walton (and her husband Jeff) is an amazing person! She readily admits that she was reluctant to start CrossFit, but we are so glad that she did.

One of my favorite conversations with the Waltons is how they actually found CrossFit Inside Out. When Jeff first made a No Sweat Intro with us, Ashley jokingly said, “There is no way I’m doing CrossFit. It may as well be called CrossFit Up-Your-Butt!” 

But she did and she loves it!

Ashley is a dedicated #sunriseWODer and you can expect to see her almost every single day at 6:30 am putting in work and changing her life. The progress she has seen since starting is truly astounding and we are so proud! 

We asked her a few questions about why she continues to choose CFIO:

How has CrossFit Inside Out changed your lifestyle?

CFIO has completely changed my life in the most positive of ways!  I have officially come to realize that both diet AND exercise are key components to health and relationship happiness.  You need both of these to achieve personal and mental health.  Participating in the various nutrition challenges, paired with sunrise WODs and Guns, Buns and Abs throughout the past 2 years has helped me gain awareness of not only my personal strength, and growth but also my mental alertness.  I have realized that life, work, and exercise can be balanced on a daily, weekly and monthly basis if you are willing to put the work in.

What was your first impression of CFIO?

To be honest, my first impression of CFIO was both comforting and intimidating at the same time!  My husband Jeff had made an appointment with Nick so we could get better acquainted with the program and expectations.  Before talking with Nick, an afternoon WOD had just started and we witnessed a workout for the first time on the sidelines.  Everyone in the class seemed so comfortable with the movements and looked like such strong athletes, especially the folks that were doing handstand walks!  So when we started talking with Nick, I was already convinced that this wasn’t for me.  I was never good at sports growing up, and I definitely was always one of the last one’s picked in gym class! But Nick worked his magic and convinced us that CFIO can be whatever we need it to be and that we just needed to give it a chance.  The other comforting observation of that afternoon class was that everyone was cheering everyone on no matter what speed and strength level they were completing.

What’s been the biggest change you’ve seen since starting CrossFit Inside Out?

The biggest change I have seen in myself since joining CFIO has been my Monday-Friday dedication to exercise.  I consider CFIO to by my ‘team’ and I don’t want to let anyone down, regardless of my last place finishes in most of the metcons!

What are you working on right now?

I would like to continue building my upper body strength, as that seems to be my weakest link.  Handstand holds, double unders and overhead squats are at the top of my list to focus on.  I would also like to surprise the coaches and actually attend a Saturday WOD from time to time.  (I easily admit that I prefer to sleep-in on Saturday mornings).

What’s your favorite CFIO memory?

I don’t have a favorite memory to actually single out.  I am proud that I completed the 2017 Open and Memorial Day Murph workout.  But what I  have enjoyed the most is building friendships with the other athletes and coaches; the exercise part is just an added benefit.

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