Amanda: “Hey Momma!”

Amanda Brennan, as well as her identical twin sister Ashley, has been a member at CFIO for right at a year now. At the time this is being written, Amanda is 27 weeks pregnant with her first child and still crushing workouts. Her smile definitely lights up the room and her personality embodies the culture fostered at CrossFit Inside Out. She plans on continuing her CrossFit workouts throughout the remainder of her pregnancy with modifications to ensure safety of mom and baby.

We love having her here and are excited to welcome the newest member of CFIO in a few short months!

1) What brought you to CrossFit Inside Out?
I started CrossFit 8 months prior at CrossFit Coastal.  They were bought by CrossFit Wilmington about 5 months later.  I worked out there for about 3 months and decided the atmosphere was not what I was looking for.  I took a month off and Jon Middleton mentioned to me coming to workout with him and promised me I would LOVE it, just like I did Coastal.  The people and atmosphere are like family and the workouts were very similar and exactly what I was looking for in a gym.
2) What was your first impression of CFIO?
Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  At this point the noon class really only had about 5 people and Nick coached well!  I was instantly drawn to the family aspect and signed up the next week!
3) What’s been the biggest change you’ve seen since starting?
My endurance has definitely improved over the months (before being pregnant).  I also achieved toes-to-bar and just about to get my kipping pull-up before my pregnancy.



4) What are you working on right now?
With being pregnant, I am just really working on getting through all of my workouts. Brandon does an awesome job of giving me scaling options as well as making sure my heart rate is kept low and I do not get over-heated.  I still am competitive, so I listen to my body on any particular day.
5) What’s your favorite CFIO memory?
I may sound like a broken record with many others, but I thoroughly enjoyed the CrossFit Inside Out Friday Night Lights.  Even though there were separate teams, everyone worked together and supported each other.  It was a great workout atmosphere and cannot wait to do it next year!

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