Tim Blevins owner of CrossFit Inside Out

Tim Blevins


Before I joined CFIO about eight years ago, I was a typical big “name brand” gym member. I lacked the discipline and knowledge of fitness and health. And I always felt uncomfortable around the other muscle men standing in front of the mirror. I retreated to the treadmill for about 20 minutes and then worked through the strength machines. Year after year, I made zero gains and slowly gained weight.

But that all changed when my friend and founder, Nick Willi, invited me to join his box. Over the next several months, I discovered my love for fitness and CrossFit. I grew stronger, fitter, and more confident in life. My blood sugar levels stabilized, and my overall health improved. What made the difference? Coach-led classes: I learned new skills and received constant encouragement. Accountability: Signing up for a class daily and knowing my coaches and friends motivated me to form great habits. Community: High fives and friendships greatly impacted my love for CrossFit. WOD: (Work Out of the Day) One of the benefits of CrossFit is knowing the workouts are planned and ready. I didn’t have to figure anything out. All I had to do was show up and push myself. Variety: CrossFit never gets boring! Constantly varied, strength-building and high-intensity conditioning is the CrossFit magic to health and fitness. In May of 2022, I purchased CrossFit Inside Out after the founders moved to Charlotte, NC. I am excited to lead our box, meet new friends and help more people discover the love of fitness, just as I have.

Jason Bowe



CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer(CF-L1)
USA Weightlifting Sports & performance Coach
CrossFit Anatomy Certification Course
CrossFit Spot the Flaw Certification Course

Jason served in the United States Army Guard, and his favorite hobbies are motocross and mountain biking. In 2010 after an unfortunate motorcycle accident involving another vehicle that nearly cost him his left foot and leg, he needed to find a way to get back into being active, healthy, and fit. In 2013 he heard of CrossFit and joined a gym. Since that day, CrossFit and health have become a priority in his life.

In 2017 he decided he wanted to use his personal experience as motivation to help others achieve their fitness goals. He pursued a coaching position in CrossFit and completed the certified courses for CrossFit Level 1 and USA Olympic Weightlifting Sports & Performance Coach. Since then, he has gained back strength and range of motion and recovered far beyond what he and the doctors ever thought possible. Since 2017 Jason has been fulfilling his goal of helping others achieve their fitness goals. He continues to educate himself to serve athletes under his guidance better.

Autumn Hughes


Autumn is a CrossFit level 1 coach and a local native of North Carolina. She has lived in Wilmington since graduating from UNCW with a health and physical education degree in 2004. As an avid beach volleyball player, Autumn started CrossFit in 2014 at CrossFit Inside Out to increase her endurance and strength on the sand. CrossFit fits perfectly with her focus on health, fitness, and longevity. She has a true passion for helping people be the healthiest version of themselves.



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