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QOTD (Question of the day)

What’s your biggest goal this year?

Happy Birthday Coach Alyssa! Give her a fist bump if you see her today or make her do burpees.


“Funnel Tag”


20 Jumping Jacks

10 Push-ups

20 Sit-ups

20 Walking Lunges

Foam Rolling x 10 slow passes each

– Quads

– IT Bands

– Hamstrings

– Thoracic Spine


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds with a partner:

200 Meter Shuttle Sprint (every 50m)

20 Walking Lunges

30 (2 Count) Mountain Climbers

40 Double Unders

30:00 Time Cap

Rest as necessary, however,

Work is NOT split.

Both athletes will complete 5 rounds.

(Double Under attempts, 2:1 Singles)

Score is answer to the QOTD


1a) Alternating DB Curls x 10 ea. Rest 45s.

1b) Banded Pushdowns x 20. Rest 45s.

1c) Side Plank Crunch x 10 ea. Rest 45s.

Extra Credit Work

Row or run at easy pace for 5:00 then static stretch for 5:00

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