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QOTD (Question of the day)

What is your go-to carb for lunch?

-Carbohydrates are our source of energy, cutting carbs completely out of your diet will make us tired and not able to perform well.

-Try to stick with low glycemic fruits that are high in fiber and low in sugar! Some examples of this would be: quinoa, oatmeal, berries, apple, black beans, brown rice

Saturdays are “fun”!


5:00 of Dynamic Warm-up then,

Grab an empty Barbell/KB and Complete:

5 Deadlifts

5 Muscle Cleans

5 Front Squats

5 Power Cleans

10 Goblet Squats (with projected weight for metcon)

*Add weight

5 Power Cleans

5 RDLs

10 Goblet Squats (with projected weight for metcon)

Banded Ankle Mobility x 2 sets of 20s each leg.

Pigeon Pose x 2 sets of 20s each side.


Back Squat (3RM w/ 1 sec. pause)

Paused Back Squat: Work up to a 3RM. Rest 2:00

– 8-10 Sets

– 1 Second Pause

Beginners: 5 x 5, adding if form permits.


Lights Out (Time)

“Lights Out”

For time:


Power Cleans (135/95)


Goblet Squats (50, 35)

10:00 Cap

Rx+:(165/115) (70/50)

Beginner Metcon:


Deadlifts (155, 105)


Goblet Squat (35, 25)

Extra Credit Work

100 Banded Pull-Throughs

Reverse Crunch + Deadbug: 4 x 10. Rest 60s.

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