Inside Out Kid’s Athlete of the Month: Jack Stack

Jack is in our Strength and Conditioning program here at CFIO. This is his second straight enrollment in Strength and Conditioning, but that decision didn’t come lightly.

You see, after our very first program Jack informed me that he wasn’t sure he if would be doing the next one. Of course, I was sad and asked why that was. He went on to tell his mom and I that he just wasn’t sure if it was a good fit for him and that he was not exactly comfortable yet.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and our next Strength and Conditioning starts. I’m nervously waiting on the arrival of my new kids and in walks Jack! I was so excited to see him that I almost cried. I explained how happy I was that he decided to stick with it. Then I asked the big question, “Why did he come back?”

Without hesitation he began to tell me that he knew he needed to be here. That even on days when he didn’t want to come, afterwards he felt better. Jack went on to say that his health was important to him and CrossFit was a good way to stay in shape. In my opinion, it speaks volumes to see a child who cares enough about their health, to overcome a fear and be able to persevere!

I have had the privilege of coaching Jack the last few months and let me tell you, it has been an honor! At the end of every class I couldn’t be more proud of him! He works harder than any athlete I have.

Jack is a worker. He works for every rep he gets and every step he takes. He went from “I need to take a break” every few minutes or so to “I know I can push myself harder and I intend on doing so”.

Jack has made tremendous improvements in just a few short months and I am ecstatic to see where his CrossFit career takes him.

Jack, you are a inspiration to everyone and we all should take note as to what hard work really looks like. Congratulations on all of your hard work and always remember to keep pushing! You are amazing!

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