Birthday Parties

Interested in a fun, fitness-filled birthday party for your child or teen?

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Inside Out’s 6 Week Kid’s Program

Inside Out Kids/Teens run in 6 week segments with small breaks in-between.

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CFIO is offering a 6 Week Strength and Conditioning Program. Why work hard all season, just to lose it all over the summer? If you’re looking to get ahead of the game, here you go! We will explore different aspects of strength, endurance, and mobility all while learning how to properly move the body in order to prevent injury.

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CFIO Little Legends is built around the idea that by nature, a kids favorite thing to do is play, move, and expend energy.
We test and improve their skills through a variety of different aspects including:
Various challenges
And most importantly FUN
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We are really excited to be running this 6 week program. This is a fast paced, gamified approach to fitness. We create FUN filled exercises that include obstacles, games, play, and sport. You can expect your child to find their “happy” in exercise. Along with exercise, the weeks will consist of learning a new topic and character trait to help not only in staying fit, but in everyday life. Athletes will be sent home with handouts and fun “homework” assignments to complete with their families.

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