Becoming RX – Brenna Hardy

Brenna is relatively new to the Inside Out family, but she has been really crushing it lately!  When she started doing CrossFit, she started meeting with our Nutrition coach once a month to run measurements and tweak her nutrition habits. In just 4 short months, her entire body composition and … Read More

Overwhelming Happiness – Sheri Mason

Sheri has done it all at CFIO. She started with Personal Training. She then went straight into our Guns, Buns, and Abs program. She did our 28 Day Nutrition Challenge. Now she is enrolled in our Barbell Program. There is literally nothing Sheri can’t do!  Always eager to learn, Sheri … Read More

Bump. Set. Spike! – Ashley Brennan

Ashley has been around since almost the beginning of CFIO. She is tough, sweet, and one of our favorite people.  Ashley uses CrossFit as a training protocol to get better at recreational volleyball. Sometimes, she will leave straight from CrossFit to go compete in a volleyball match!  We love watching … Read More

I Feel Strong Again – Taylor Thompson

Taylor is a wonderful person! She is always happy when she arrives and makes everyone feel welcomed. With previous CrossFit experience, Taylor came in and did our Start-Up program with her sister and has since been crushing workouts consistently! You can read below how she took a few years off, … Read More

Stronger: Inside and Out – Julia Rao

We love client stories because it gives our members an opportunity to share how they feel about the service that we offer. Julia’s story is so fun to read because she has seen so much improvement physically and mentally since starting at CFIO. A newcomer to the Wilmington area, Julia … Read More

Dogs and Deadlifts! – Chrissy Libby

Chrissy is a very special person. She always comes to the gym happy. In her answers below we asked her what she wants to work on the most and she answered “consistency”. Chrissy is one of the most consistent people we have here at CFIO. She is very, very strong … Read More

No Meat Athlete – Rob Brink

Rob has been a member of CFIO for some time now. He has participated in 2 CrossFit Opens and 2 Summer Games and it arguably one of the best athletes in the building. More than his athletic ability, we love his personality and kindness. You will be hardpressed to find … Read More

Legendary – Mike Rosene

Mike Rosene is no stranger to CrossFit Inside Out. His wife Julie has been here for quite sometime in group classes, Personal Training, Guns, Buns and Abs, Emerge Bootcamp, and several other programs. A couple of years ago, we initiated a Couch 2 CrossFit program and Mike was quick to sign … Read More

#Determination – Candice Kowalewski

Candice has been around the CFIO family for quite some time. Candice is a licensed massage therapist and helps our members and coaches relieve sore muscles from time to time. When she first came she was in the beginning stages of her pregnancy and wanted to join after she was … Read More

Inside Out Kid’s Athlete of the Month: Jack Stack

Jack is in our Strength and Conditioning program here at CFIO. This is his second straight enrollment in Strength and Conditioning, but that decision didn’t come lightly. You see, after our very first program Jack informed me that he wasn’t sure he if would be doing the next one. Of … Read More